Friday, October 16, 2009


I started this blog because there is a need to address the lack of unity among the Jewish people. While this will not be a romantic, utopian vision of all Jews loving each other, it will be a feasible outlook toward improved interpersonal conduct. My understanding of unity is not where everyone is the same and therefore there is no divisiveness. Rather, it's where everyone is individually unique but form an effective whole through decent behavior. This is only possible when we focus on our common code of ethics - not our different political views or ritual observances.

Throughout my life, I have seen a tendency for fellow Jews - religious and secular alike - to force others into thinking and living the way they deem appropriate. While there is nothing wrong with influencing others to live their lives a certain way, forcing others to be just like you (and then treating them less decently if they decide otherwise) is terribly wrong. For some Jews, one's level of ritual observance is the ultimate issue. For others, political affiliation is the most important thing in life. In too many instances, our priorities are out of whack.

I contend that God cares about the way we treat one another more than anything else. If all of us subscribe to this simple belief - which does not entail leaving or joining any specific denomination of Judaism - unity is possible. In the posts to come, I hope to elaborate on this idea and provide some timely examples and commentary on this topic.

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