Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a Debate Should Look Like

Here are a couple of clips from a debate between two Jews who eloquently make the case for their side of an issue: Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Prager. The reason I'm posting this is because we all too often see shouting matches of hotly contested issues and get nothing out of them. This particular debate debunks theories of not being able to civilly engage in a productive discussion. While you are absolutely free to agree or disagree with either of these men, that's not the issue. It's about passionately standing up for what you believe in, while at the same time treating your ideological opponents with respect.

Some people would have you believe that liberal or secular Jews cannot possibly display any goodwill to conservative or observant Jews - and vice versa. As this particular debate shows, that's only the case if you want it to be.

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