Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ultimate Sacrifice

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to express gratitude to all the men and women - including many fellow Jews - who have died in service of the United States. If not for the ultimate sacrifices of these brave people, evil would reign on earth. As Tehilim eloquently puts it (Psalms 97:10), "Ohavei Hashem Sinu Ra" - those who love God must hate evil. The only reason we are able to enjoy freedom is because of those who heeded this call and risked their lives on behalf of total strangers.

While it's easy to forget all the good that the American military does around the globe, just imagine what the world would look like if not for America's involvement in fighting everything from Nazism to radical Islam. It's also easy to forget all the service members currently deployed overseas, but we should do our best to keep them close to our hearts and in our prayers. Here is a touching video honoring the American armed forces (and if you pay close attention, there are a couple snapshots of the IDF as well):

Sometimes, few words are necessary. Just music and pictures.

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