Sunday, June 20, 2010

Laughter is the Best Medicine

There is way too much pain, suffering, death and destruction in the world today. While it's easy to become incredibly frustrated when hearing about all these sad stories in the news, it's also important to develop an ability to laugh at current events. From the mass condemnation over Israel's flotilla response to the unbelievable amount of appeasement directed toward Islamic terrorists, many things going on in the world today are truly absurd. The clever satirists from Latma have taken this to heart, producing some great sketches that have been making the rounds lately. In case you haven't seen two of their best, they're well worth watching.

"We Con The World":

"The Three Terrors":

May we find the courage to fight our enemies - and laugh at them - until evil is vanquished and goodness reigns on earth.

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