Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Fight Against Evil

Thank God, the world's most renowned terrorist, Osama bin Laden, has been killed. This man was directly responsible for the murders of thousands of innocent people, including fellow Americans and Jews. As important as it was to kill him, this is not the end of evil by any means. The radical Islamic ideology he preached continues to thrive. Just ask any Israeli affected by Palestinian terror. As important - and correct - as it was for Israel to take out terrorist leaders who targeted their civilians, it did not end the threat; it was simply transferred to other people. The very fact that Hamas has rendered bin Laden an "Arab holy warrior" shows how deep this problem is. From before Hitler to after bin Laden, neither anti-Semitism nor mass murder ended when these figures died. And it won't end until the Messianic era.

One of the first entries I ever posted on this blog was about the two great evils all good people must combat at this time. The first kind was mentioned in the previous paragraph; the second kind will be dealt with now. It's about fighting the evil inclination - the yetzer hara - in our individual lives, especially with regard to interpersonal conduct. It's great to take pride in any personal triumphs over our yetzer hara. However, as important as it is to overcome the inclination to act indecently toward each other in a particular situation, the battle does not end there. Similar scenarios will continue to arise, and we have to stay on our toes if we are to win the war.

Here's the bottom line: evil in all its forms will continue to affect us until the day God obliterates it from earth. As bothersome as it is to constantly stand against it, we must find the moral courage to do so. Remember, "Ohavei Hashem Sinu Ra" (Psalms 97:10) - those who love God must hate evil. Both radical Islamic terrorists and the yetzer hara do not give up in their fight; neither should we. It's frustrating to deal with, but we must persevere. With every day that passes, we inch closer to the day all people of goodwill hope for - the Final Redemption, along with its reign of true peace on earth. Until then, the fight continues.

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