Wednesday, August 29, 2012


After much contemplation, I have decided to end this blog. Without getting into personal details, it is simply time to move on. Perhaps the day will come when I can transition the idea behind this blog into something else, but that is beside the point. Jewish unity will indeed occur, and it will be orchestrated by God - not man.

Look through the history of the Jewish people (especially Israel) and there is a simple conclusion that can be drawn: God is orchestrating events. Even when it's difficult to understand certain events, we can still control our reaction to them. In fact, Jewish tradition has it that the Final Redemption will occur when we realize that we can only rely on God. If we but take our incredible history to heart, it shouldn't be all that difficult to come to that conclusion.

I would like to thank all of my readers, Facebook followers and those who have linked to the blog. I sincerely appreciate your readership and feedback over the years. I learned a lot from you. And if you got anything from my posts, I hope it was this: in the end, it's all about God and goodness. Everything else is commentary - even those areas that some Jews tend to place above all others, such as politics or ritual observance. God cares about the way we treat one another more than anything else. Sooner or later, we'll figure that out.