About Lev Echad

The Lev Echad blog was created to alleviate tension between Jews and unite us to the greatest extent possible. Unity does not mean being the same; it means treating each other well despite our differences. Hence, this blog's focus is exclusively on interpersonal conduct, ethics and character. It's all about improving intra-Jewish relations.

There are many efforts aimed at producing more religious or politically active Jews. However, the sole effort here is to produce more good Jews. In the words of Hillel, "the rest is commentary." Sameness in ritual observance, dress, or political affiliation is not necessary; sameness in ethical behavior is necessary. The Sages have taught us that when the Jewish people are divided (i.e. act indecently toward one another), we are very vulnerable, but when Jews are united (i.e. act decently toward each other), nothing can harm us. Given the state of the world, it is time for Jewish unity.

To put this into perspective, some of the last words Islamic terrorists forced Daniel Pearl to say before slitting his throat on camera were, "I am a Jew." They made no distinction between religious and secular, liberal or conservative. If that type of mentality is good enough for our enemies to kill by, it ought to be good enough for us to live by. Despite all our differences - and they can be significant - we must try to show each other the kind of interpersonal decency representative of the Chosen People. It might seem difficult, but as Caleb rightfully said long ago, "we can absolutely do this."